Humax hard drive replacement

Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Sign up to Digital Spy's newsletter to get the biggest news and features sent straight to your inbox. Guess its frazzled. Anyway I have my eye on a Buffalo Ministation gb 2. Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm just not very "techy". Thanks in advance. Posts: Forum Member. It would be a few pounds cheaper to replace the internal drive with a larger 1 TB drive than the Buffalo KB external drive.

TB is the maximum size that the HDR will self format. You could go larger but would then have to format in a PC which had been Linux enabled. You can't record to a USB external drive so yes you have to remove the internal drive and connect the sata drive connections directly to a drive.

You can extend the internal sata using an esata cable and mount the drive externally if you wish. PC drives aren't really suitable for use in pvrs.

Swapping the hdd is actually very easy. This will maximise recording space. Thanks for all your great replies. I'll disregard the Buffalo External hdd then and replace with a new internal hdd.

Seems relatively straightforward even for me! Thanks so much for all the Links too. I like the idea of tidy web links for ty webb. Al Czervik sends his regards. Yes that is more suitable than the PC one I mentioned. Replacing the internal drive is a little daunting, first time. The top cover is held on by 3 Philips screws going into the back. At that point I photographed the insides so that reassembly was obvious.

You will find an internal holder held down by 4 screws. Inside, it the drive is held in by 4 screws in the side of the holder.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

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Replacing HDD in Humax HDR-FOX T2

Please try your search again later. Product information Capacity: 1 tb. Technical Details.Moderator: Admin. Pages: 1. Posts: 2. The record menu has disappeared from my PVRT, I phoned Humax and they said my hard drive had probably gone, but it is quite easy to replace.

Your help would be appreciated. IP Logged. Biggles Guru Offline Biggles flies undone. Posts: Before you give up on the drive try reseating the IDE connectors at both ends and also the power supply connector.

humax hard drive replacement

I have read of the drives reappearing after the has been switched off for a while. If it reappears do a format on it and say goodbye to your current recordings. You could try connecting the drive into your computer in place of your CD drive and run a Seagate diagnostic program on it SeaTools from the Seagate web-site to see if it really is duff. Thanks for all the help. Someone display an old thread about replacing the disk which I followed with great success. I just removed the duff drive the mounting was a bit odd as I had to reach past the disc to unscrew the bracket and replaced it with a barracuda.

On firing the box up it immediately suggested I format it, which I did. So just to double check. If you swap out the hard drive you don't need to reinstall the pvr application. So where does it live then if it's not on the disk?? Presumably in flash somewhere?? The only downside is Seagate DB35 Posts: 8.

Cal Culater wrote on Nov 29 that pm: It appears that this particular hard drive may now be obsolete.

How to add non Freesat Channels to the Humax Freesat+ Foxsat HDr Satellite Receiver

I'm chuffed to bits with my Grade A T bought in early October, but I keep running out of space so want to upgrade it already. Which interface is used in the Humax?Moderator: Admin. My T has frequent hard drive errors. I have reported this to Humax but received no replies after 6 weeks. Ideally I'd like to swap the drive with some other, bigger drive and discard the old one.

An alternative is to find a was to do the equivalent of a Windows Scandisk to mark out bad parts of the disk. However I do not know what the compatibility issues might be. I gather that drive is an IDE drive, but one threat I note suggested that their new drive failed to register in the menu list. I tried "format" from the Humax menu, but that clearly does not do a format, but just deletes the existing recordings. Anyone any suggestion solutions or drives to try?

Thanks in advance. IP Logged. There is a 2 year warranty from Humax, so I would suggest you get a replacement. General opinion is that you need to ring Humax, rather than email them. If you are set on a bigger drive just grab one and whack it in. Thank for that. I had not checekd the guarantee, and assumed it was 1 year.

Ringing them seems the easiest path. I'd still be interested in doing my own complete DH replacement though, putting in a drive to replace the gig one there, if anyone has done this successfully Jeff.

Replacing hard disk on Humax pvr

Then, whip it out, use ghost to make an image of it, bung that image onto your new drive, put it in the hummy, and RE-format it using the in built format option - see if it's clever enough to format it correctly. I have installed a Gb Seagate drive when I had few recordings on the original Gb drive. I unplugged the drive installed the new unit. Set the to default settings and went to HDD control pressed format and that was it. The new drive works well and I haven't had any problems.

Biggles Guru Offline Biggles flies undone. Posts: I seem to remember reading that the drive in the is special. No error correction or something. I see that a Gb Seagate seems to work OK, but do you have a model number? ATA info, buffer size, etc, would be useful. Could others who have successfully done this also post information?

A search on the internet shows a some unsuccessful transplants and b someone selling upgrade disks at inflated prices. Mike wrote on Mar 10 that pm: I seem to remember reading that the drive in the is special. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. Home Help Search Login Register. Did you have to format it externally, or do you think that the Humax OS in flash rom will do that automatically?

I read on here quite a while ago of someone putting a disk that still had Windows on it into an T, did a Humax format and away it went.I have considered adding BT TV to my package in order to get a new box for 'free' but if the latest boxes are failing the same way as the older boxes seem to due to capacitors I am unlikely to bother. If the 'hard drive failure' rate doesn't bear any correlation to the manufacturers MTBF then this would give some indication that the capacitors are still a problem.

Even if we don't have a statistically significant sample, it may be an indicator. None of the capacitors in my Youview box are bulging or look in any way suspect - but then they didn't in my Toppy either, however replacing them resolved the issue.

Interestingly it was specifically the caps on the power supply board that were faulty in the Toppy, but in this box the ones on the Motherboard seem to be an issue. Obviously the design is different with far fewer caps on the power board than on the Toppy and at least 2 people have reported replacing the Youview Power Supply board which hasn't resolved the problem s.

Which seems to point to caps failing I guess, although whether the caps have failed prematurely due to heat I can't say - but my box only saw a few hours use in the evenings before being unplugged again and is not in an enclosed space. My drive is fine, as is the WD drive I swapped it with so I doubt that is the issue. In fact any time I see Sam Young capacitors now I anticipate problems. Toggle navigation YouView Community.

Rexford Member Posts: 3. Posting as searching these forums yielded a few posts asking about it, but no one posting any successes aside from the first-generation retail boxes. Yesterday morning my BT branded youview box wouldn't get past its loading screen "Almost Ready Maintenance mode is reached by holding "Down" on the top of the box from Off red light shown.

This box is 18 months old, and not under any BT contract. BT would replace it if I signed up for a new 12 month contract, but that was not a good deal. It is straightforward to take out the four screws on the bottom one under a warranty stickerand the screw above the SCART connector to lift the top off.

The hard drive is plainly visible, but is screwed in from underneath. You then need to remove two screws holding the board down, and can then flip it over. Remove the four screws holding the hard drive in. Now simply remove the hard drive, and plug in your replacement. Trying to mount the drive in windows or Linux found only a single 4GB partition, and using the lovely TestDisk software to search for partitions threw up read errors at every sector.

humax hard drive replacement

Screws back in, re-assemble, and plug in. I didn't expect it to work without maintenance mode, so I went straight there. It has been working fine and recording since yesterday. In short: -No need to mimic the partition table of the old drive, the box will do it for you. My drive had a single exFAT partition -I used a smaller drive, not larger, just due to what I had handy.

humax hard drive replacement

I would imagine a 1TB would work as they sell 1TB models, but larger than that might not work. Thanks Youview. Michael G Member Posts: Great write up! Yep, thanks for taking the time to write this up! John Lloyd Member Posts: 7. Please do one or the other - unfocussed negativity helps no-one, least of all yourself Great write up. Will this box only take a 2. Well, the screws are there for a 2.

The connector is the stock paired data and power sata so any drive with a SATA connector should work. Obviously risk of damage, cat running away, etc. SteveOC Member Posts: Installing a new hard drive in mine seemed to fix the issue - for a short while - then it came back. I installed a new larger drive and didn't have to do anything with it no formatting in advance but be aware that the YV software may not be able to use the whole of a very large drive if you are tempted to go for something massive.

I do not believe that my old drive had failed yet but am in the process of replacing the capacitors - was going to work on it last night, but ended up spending the evening in hospital.

It could be a batch of bad drives, but if the drive failure was caused by bad capacitors, it could cause any replacement to fail the same way so be wary of that. Andy offered a capacitor kit or a repair on the Toppys, and says he can now do the same for the YV boxes. You would hear a click and it would restart. Powered it on to standby only. Pressed down button until power state went to blue. No message on screen about maintenance mode. After about a minute it went to Waking, the Youview Loading, but then reset and then through Red, Blue, Waking, Loading, and just cycled with that Tried with a different screen in case not seeing the Maintenance Mode option was a screen issue, but no different.

It seems to be doing something with the down button because it is slower getting to Waking, but at the end of the day it isn't getting anywhere. Any suggestions would be very welcome Steve.

Thanks Steve Tried that but still no Maintenance Mode option.

humax hard drive replacement

I'll see if I can buy a secondhand box and try the new drive in that, then if that works there is the option of cloning the old drive to avoid risking the recordings. Maybe the button is faulty as well, but I don't want to start pulling apart my other box. Toggle navigation YouView Community. In an effort to re-rail this thread, I spotted this cracking job via my obsessive nosiness on Twitter may even be one of the people on this forum.

Ian11 Member Posts: 1. Had exactly the same problem as you, and only just out of contract. Something wasn't sitting right with me, looked through the grill at the top it seemed like the HDD was completely exposed, and the clicking seemed consistent with HDD failure.It is partly funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between Southern Cross Media and Imparja Television.

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Foxsat HDR - Hard Drive upgrade plus hidden menu

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